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Apra Technical Support

Applicants: If you have any questions about your application, including letters of recommendation, uploading files in the ASF,
or checking on application materials that you have mailed in
, please contact your Graduate Program.

All users: If the website appears to be malfunctioning, see the relevant sections below.

About us:
APRA Developers & Contributors

Please read all sections before contacting us for technical support.

Graduate Applicants:
  • •If you have questions about your application, entering data into the ASF (Application Supplemental Form), uploading files in the ASF, 'locked' ASF, submitting letters of recommendation (e.g., reporting cases where your referees has not received, or have lost, email sent by this database system), or checking on application materials that you have mailed in, please contact your Graduate Program.

Recommenders (Anyone writing a letter of recommendation for a UMCP graduate applicant):
  • Please contact us at the email address below if the site appears to be malfunctioning. Please reply to the email that was sent to you if you have other questions.

UMCP Graduate Students:
  • You need to have been registered in classes in a recent semester to be able to login.
  • New students: You may have to wait until the second week of your first semester to be able to login.

UMCP Faculty, Staff, Students: If you get an 'Invalid User Name or Password' error message:
  • Please check that the Caps Locks key isn't on.
  • You have to login with your University Directory name and password. This name and password is the same for other university websites, such as Blackboard and PHR.
  • To find out your Directory login name, go to: and click on: "Search for Your University Directory Entry by UMID/SID & PIN". Also, you can click on "Set or Change Your University Directory Password" to reset your password (you can use your SID and PIN to do that).
  • Faculty and Staff: Please check with the administrators within your program / department to make sure that they have added you to the access list with 'Faculty' or better access level.

FAR (Faculty Activity Reports) users:
  • For assistance with the 'Faculty Activity Reports (FAR)', please email . Be sure to include the department/unit where you have your appointment.

MEGS users (Graduate Students and Graduate Program Administrators): If you get a blank page after logging in:

If you cannot login and you know that your username and password are correct, then your browser probably has 'cookies' disabled, which would prevent correct operation of this website.
  • To fix this in Internet Explorer 6.0, go to: Tools -> Internet options -> Security -> Custom Level And select 'Medium' in the drop down box, click 'Reset' and 'OK'. Close all browser windows and then they logging in again.
  • To fix this in Netscape or Mozilla, go to: Edit -> Preferences.
    • Then, for older versions of Netscape, click on 'Advanced' (don't expand the tree under 'Advanced'). Then select 'Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server' and click 'OK'.
    • For newer versions (7.1+), click on 'Privacy & Security' (don't expand the tree under 'Privacy & Security'). Then select 'Enable cookies for the originating web site only' and click 'OK'. (If that still doesn't work, you can try clicking on 'Manage Stored Cookies', finding any cookies for '' and removing them).
(Note that all users will be automatically logged out after 45 minutes of inactivity for security reasons.)

In case malfunction of this site (except for issues listed above), please email , with a detailed description of the error and what you did to encounter the error (send your login ID, Student ID, date of birth as needed -- but don't sent your UMCP Directory password). Do not email this address with questions regarding your graduate application; they will be ignored.

Please allow 24 hours for a response, weekends and holidays not included.

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